Molana – Rumi



Author: Mason Balouchian

MolanaJalale-din Mohammad Balkhy known as Molana or Rumi is one of the most famous Persian poets of the thirteen century. His remarkable book, Masnavi, includes twenty six thousand verses of poetry revealing both theoretical and applied Sufism speculating that perfection is reached through battle against the ego and not by interpretation. He sought wisdom through unmanifested discipline and not deceptive pretension. Masnavi starts with the story of the reed visualizing man enslaved by material world and complaining how he was isolated from Nirvana. He has compared man to reed and lute many times in his book.

The story of the reed

Translated by:  Feyzi Halici

Listen to the reed how it tells a tale, complaining of separations—

Saying, “Ever since I was parted from the reed-bed, my lament hath caused man and woman to moan.

I want a bosom torn by severance, that I may unfold (to such a one) the pain of love-desire.

Every one who is left far from his source wishes back the time when he was united with it.

In every company I uttered my wailful notes, I consorted with the unhappy and with them that rejoice.

Every one became my friend from his own opinion; none south out my secrets from within me.

My secret is not far from my plaint, but ear and eye lack the light


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