How to write a book description

  1. Concentrate on the main plot. Avoid details. Do not give away conclusion.
  2. Do not exceed 150 words.
  3. Write in present tense and use a third person point of view. It does not matter what the point of view and the tense of the book is. When writing a book description, you are talking to readers and telling them what the book is about.
  4. In order to strengthen your description, use power words such as Delighted, Amazing, Discover, Revealing,. Colossal, Authentic, Remarkable, etc. Do not overdo using such words and limit yourself to using them to about 5-7% of your writing. For example, in a 100-word description use as many as 5-7 power words.
  5. Remember, a book description is a marketing tool. You do not want to impress people with your writing skill but rather attract their attention to the impression it made on other readers.


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