Elements of story

The elements of story are:

  1. Plot (Sequence of events)
  2. Character
  3. Verisimilitude (Believability)
  4. Theme (Point to make)
  5. Subject matter (Realm of creation-Genre)

A. Biography

B. Fable

C. Tragedy

D. Drama

E. Comedy

F. Realistic

G. Fiction

a. Horror

b. Fantasy

c. Science Fiction

d. Allegorical Fiction

e. Symbolical Fiction

f. Magical Realism

g. Historical

      6. View Point

A. First Person

B. Second Person (Not very common)

C. Third Person

    1. Omniscient


b. Semi Omniscient


6. Scene (Setting – Crafting Scene)

7. Dialogue

8. Style (How to write)

9. Tone

10. Atmosphere (Dominant effect)

11. Symbolism (Indirect method of presentation)