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International Cyrus Day

International Cyrus Day

CyrusAuthor: Mason Balouchian

October 29th has been named Cyrus Day. The Charter of Human Rights  or Cyrus Cylinder, a tablet from baked clay, was issued by Cyrus, the founder of Achamnid Dynasty in 538 BC. The first half of this tablet was inscribed by Babylonian chroniclers and the last half, in Akkadian cuneiform (new Babylonian inscription) recorded the speech and orders of Cyrus The Great when he conquered Babylon. The cylinder was discovered during the excavations in 1879 at Esagila temple (Marduk Temple) in the ancient city of Babylon and is kept in British Museum in London. This Charter indicates the true Persians’ level of tolerance and capacity with respect to free thinking philosophy and human rights.

In this inscription, Cyrus says, “I announce that every person is free to choose the religion they prefer, worship as they wish, reside wherever they please, and choose the profession and job they like provided they do not violate the right of other citizens.


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