Author: Mason Balouchian

ferdosi-1_18304Ferdosi was born in 935 AD near Tus, Iran. The Shahname (The Book of the Kings), is his most celebrated masterpiece which revived the Persian language three hundred years after Arabs invaded Persia. This book contains as many as 60,000 epical, mythological, and historical couplets filled with a wealth of philosophical and moral teachings and guidance.

A paragraph from The Book of the Kings

The Shahs of Old (Translated by Helen Zimmern)

Kaiumers first sat upon the throne of Persia, and was master of the world. He took up his abode in the mountains, and clad himself and his people in tiger-skins, and from him sprang all kindly nurture and the arts of clothing, till then unknown. Men and beasts from all parts of the earth came to do him homage and receive laws at his hands, and his glory was like to the sun. Then Ahriman the Evil, when he saw how the Shah’s honour was increased, waxed envious, and sought to usurp the diadem of the world. So he bade his son, a mighty Deev, gather together an army to go out against Kaiumers and his beloved son Saiamuk and destroy them utterly…