Author: Mason Balouchian

HafezHafez (14th century AD) is indeed one the most celebrated and eloquent writers in the world. The translation of his ghazals in 18th and 19th century had a clamorous effect in western literary societies. Themes of his ghazals1 are the beloved, faith, and exposing hypocrisy (Wikipedia). October the 12th has been named Hafez Day in Iran and is celebrated at his tomb in Shiraz.

Following is a ghazal translated by Henry Wilforce Clarke 1840-1905. Compilation and editing by Dr. Behrouz Homayoonfar

With the luminous liquid of wine, an Aref2 Purification made,

Early in the morning when, to the wine-house, visit he made.

As soon as the golden cup of the sun became hidden,

Hint at the circulation of the cup, the new crescent moon of the ‘Id made

Be blessed prayers of the one who feels the pain,

And the one who with tears and heart’s blood , purification made.

With soul, from the curl of his tress, my heart purchased tumult:

I know not what profit experienced he who this barter made.

If the Imam of the prayers sends for me today,

Tell him that Hafez with wine today, purification made.

1- A lyric poem that begins with a rhymed couplet whose rhyme is repeated in all even lines and that is  common in Persian literature (Merriam Webster).
2- Gnostic, Mystic, Spiritual Traveler.