Author: Mason Balouchian

Mason Balouchian is a Commercial Writer, with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering. Working as an editor with Ad Graphics Publishing, for 17 years, he has acquired a great deal of technical experience as a copywriter and editor. He is a researcher and capable of writing articles in diverse subjects. He is the director of Write Up Group who operates in Winter Springs and Casselberry, Florida. He is the blog master at He has published the following books and short stories: 1. Safar beh vadi arvah (Amazon) 2. A Traveler's Deity (Amazon Kindle Edition) 3. The Rug (Amazon Kindle Edition) 4. The Bridge of Judgement) (Amazon Kindle Edition). 5. Misunderstanding (Amazon Kindle Edition). 6. Enlightenment (Amazon Kindle Edition). His historical fiction, "Cyrus, the Persian Messiah" will be released on Jun, 15, 2017. His Anthology, "The Astral Traveler" a collection of fantasy and science fiction short stories, and memoir is under review for publication. His other books under review for publication: Attractions of Persia (Travel) A Persian Cookbook (Cookbook) The Three Invasion (Politics, ideology, and religion)