Cyrus the Persian Messiah


An excerpt from the book:

“My lord, many people believe it is fifty royal cubits in thickness,” answered Chrysantas.
Cyrus’ eyes widened. “It is impenetrable. As I can see, we cannot climb it either—looks very high.”
“It is two hundred cubits in height,” remarked Harpagus.
“People exaggerate about things, yet I have seen with my own eyes,” Chrysantas interrupted. “There is a road up there on top of that wall, stretching all around the city. You can easily drive a four-horse chariot on that road.”
“Each side seems to be almost four parasangs,” said Cyrus. “It takes an enormous amount of manpower and many years of hard work to build such a fortification.”
“Jewish slaves suffered for many years to build it—they worked their fingers to the bone here,” said Harpagus.
The boatman warned them to hold fast, for they were approaching the dock. Ishtar Gate was the most crowded of the eight gates around the city of Babylon. The magnificent structure was made of glazed brick with different shades of olive and gold. It was about thirty cubits high and sixty cubits wide. The lintel, walls, and the two towers on either side, were decorated with golden reliefs of dragons, lions, and bulls framed in stripes bearing lotus flowers. The canal was loaded with boats—Hebrew money changers, bankers of exchange, procurers, guesthouse solicitors, peddlers, and beggars along the canal bank.
“You don’t need to dock, we are not disembarking,” said Chrysantas, in the Assyrian tongue.
The boatman looked at them with suspicion. They had presented themselves as horse traders and experience told him they possessed heavy pouches of gold coins under their garments. “This is the end of your trip across the canal, mister. It’s getting dark and no longer safe to stay on the water.”
Cyrus winked at Chrysantas and said, “We will disembark right here, good man.”

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Mason Balouchian graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1980 as an Aerospace Engineer. He has spent most of his life as an editor, and commercial writer. He is a member of Florida Writers Association, and works in Orlando as an editor and publishing consultant. He has written many short stories in the genre of fantasy, science fiction, and memoir a few of which have been published on kindle such as A Traveler’s Deity, The Bridge of Judgement, and  The Rug. These short stories collected in an anthology will soon be published in paperback, hardcover, and digital form.
Working as a freelance tour guide during the 90s, he visited the tomb of Cyrus the Great on many occasions, and learned about this fascinating figure in detail. Later in 2011, he decided to write the story in a dramatic form because he thought that Cyrus, as the original architect of  The Human Rights Charter,  had not been given the attention he deserved.

An  excerpt  from Kirkus Review (Cyrus)

“…Balouchian (Punishment, 2017, etc.) manages to artfully condense a complex history into a very brief novel, well under 200 pages. The drama, sometimes tantalizingly grim, unfolds with an electrified air of suspense, even though the reader knows the conclusion of the tale is foregone. The most remarkable aspect of Cyrus’ governance was his insistence on the rights of his citizens, a position so historically radical one wishes the author could have attempted more of an explanation for its basis. Nonetheless, this is a well-crafted and readable introduction to a major historical figure…”

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