From Physician to Teacher


Author: Dr. Victor Arroyo

Consciousness/Powers/Bible / Christian
Metaphysics/ Meditations and Prayers / Life / Christ.

This book consists of thirty-three topics that include the teachings and spiritual truths that Dr. Victor Arroyo has studied, taught and practiced on his path From Physician to

The first twelve chapters represent lessons for a study group, and a different disciple joins the group for each lesson. The disciples attend the lessons that carry their names; they represent the disciples that accompanied Jesus as he
taught and healed.

While studying these lessons you will learn the concepts, principles, skills, truths, meditations, powers and faculties that will increase your knowledge of how to achieve a full and abundant life for you and for those around you.

If you have prayed and not received an answer, do not be discouraged. The same thing happened to the disciples, and they had to ask the Teacher to “Teach us to pray”. In the lesson entitled “Prayer”, you will find the answer.

If you are facing a health challenge and want perfect health, the answer is in the lesson entitled “Health and Healing”.

If you are experiencing lack and want abundance in your life, you will find the answer in the lesson entitled: “Consciousness of Abundance”.

If you want to know the truth about what your soul, your spirit, your heart, your consciousness really are, if you want to know more about the spiritual laws that govern your universe and the spiritual universe, the answers are found in From Physician to Teacher.

If you want to be a Master of your own thoughts and divine guidance put this book in your hands, you will be blessed today, tomorrow and always.

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