Persian Calendar 2018-2019


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Now that our dear homeland, Iran, has been occupied by a group of
fanatic, corrupt, and unpatriotic mullahs, it is my responsibility as an
Iranian-American to help reviving our honor, culture and civilization.
This endeavor, whatever minute, once practiced by all the Persian
patriots, will turn into an awesome power that would crush the corrupt Islamic Republic Regime who is murdering and imprisoning the Persian patriots and free thinkers and also plundering our national wealth and distributing it among the wicked enemies of humanity.
Therefore, I present to the readers, this national Yearbook which focuses on noble Persian culture and history. It has been published for a few years and I have attempted to add new articles every year.
Obviously, as the editor of this Publication I would welcome any cooperation in regard to its improvement. I hope, with the collaboration of all compatriots, we can revive our national dignity that has been endangered by the wicked regime of Iran, and live in peace and respect with the rest of the world.

Mason Balouchian

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Persian Community Yearbook 2577

Solar: 1397

Gregorian (Roman): 2018-2019

Including articles about the Persian literature, art, history, and culture.


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