Love of Two Lands


Author: Dr. Habib Eslami

I have had the fortune of finishing my education to the highest degree in America. I have achieved most of my goals in this land of opportunity. I have had the freedom to express my feelings, wear any clothing I want, and even to criticize the U.S. Government openly without the fear of being scrutinized. I have been admonished that I have led a reasonably good life in America, and therefore, I have no reason to be concerned about what goes on in Iran. My parents wanted me to be silent. My friends wanted me to be silent. Frankly, I have been silent too long. I cannot stay silent any longer. For goodness’ sake how can anybody be silent? Dr. Massadeq once said, ” If I sit silent, I have sinned.” In a similar fashion , Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated, ” Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

– H. Eslami, PhD

Love of Two Lands is a memoir of the author’s youth, young adulthood, and experiences in Iran, the land of his birth, and later America, his adopted country. The author is trying to convey the meaning of his book’s title—that his love for these two lands and their people has been the foundation of his life, personally and professionally.

The book offers an insightful look at the politics and personalities of Iran, a country that is enigmatic for many Americans. It also offers a brief history of struggle for freedom in Iran and the US-Iran diplomatic relationship. In addition, the book leaves readers who have lived only in America with a deeper appreciation for the stability of this nation overall and for the many advantages and blessings that are taken for granted.

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