The Astral Travelers

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In this book, I have tried to journey into the milieu of afterlife, dreams, and other insubstantial dominions where many other writers have already tried with successful results. The reason I crafted some of my short stories in this realm is the fluidity of the astral world like in Paradiso, The Terminal, and The Bridge of Judgement. I have also tried to discover some other dimensions such as dream world in Nightmare, and mystical fantasy in A Traveler’s Deity.
The limitations of the physical world restrict the writer and makes it difficult to construct a believable milieu, yet in science fiction and fantasy the story world becomes fluid again and the writer can freely craft the plot through scientific theories and magical medium like in Terminator, Encounter, and Mutation. I have tried to juxtapose the world of fantasy and science fiction in The Rug, New Year, and Transit. The Tower, and The Last Wish are Horror, and Dahaka is based on an epic poem.
I have concluded the book with a few memoir that starts with Punishment in the genre of magical realism; Bleed, Miracle Fabricator, and Backfire as critique to old traditions, and superstitions; and finally, The Misunderstanding as a Comedy. Regardless of the variety of the milieus, most of the stories have been plotted to take the readers on a suspenseful or transcendental journey unfolding with an astounding resolution. I hope you enjoy reading this entertaining book.



Mason Balouchian graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1980 as an Aerospace Engineer. He has spent most of his life as an editor, and commercial writer. He is a member of Florida Writers Association, and works in Orlando, Florida as a Publishing Consultant.  He is the author of Cyrus the Persian Messiah published in paperback, hardcover, and digital form on Ingram and Amazon, in July 2017. He has written many short stories in the genre of fantasy, science fiction, and memoir collected in the present book, The Astral Travelers in paperback and digital form on Ingram and Amazon. Many of these short stories have also been published individually in Kindle format, such as, A Traveler’s Deity, Paradiso, The Bridge of Judgement, and The Rug for readers with various tastes and budgets.
He has also written a book named The Intrigue (Three Invasions) portraying the invasion of Persia by a legendary beast, Dahaka, in prehistoric period, Muslim Invaders in 642 AD, and finally the Invasion by Mullahs in 1979. This book is now under review for publication.

Prior Works

Cyrus the Persian Messiah; Punishment; A Traveler’s Deity; Terminator; Paradiso; Nightmare; New Year; The Terminal; Nightmare; Misunderstanding; The Bridge of Judgement; The Rug.


Florida Writers Association; Mason’s Publishing;;

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